Thriving Markets

Thriving Markets

An opinionated collection of tools and techniques for operating (and creating) a farmers market, AND profitably selling (and participating) in a farmers market, with a frequent ecological twist.


Our goal, at Thriving Markets, is to help farmers markets matter more.  Matter more to farmers, customers, and communities.  Make a bigger positive difference.

To encourage and share innovation (large and small), to create farmers markets that are more environmentally sustainable, to find more and better ways to help farmers thrive.

Through a variety of methods, including the Farmers Market Channel, a Pinterest “Good Displays” collection, and this website we intend to provide you with experienced advice, good sources, experiments, and entertainment.

We hope you will tell us what is useful, what is silly, and where you would like us to go . . .  leave us a comment, write us a letter, subscribe to our newsletter (just below), view our Good Display Ideas pinterest board, visit the Farmers Market Channel (though it isn’t much yet).

We look forward to hearing from you.

Reporter Recruitment  — we are looking for people who are curious about what’s going on at local farmers markets.  You can contribute, and be listed as a contributor, to help improve and share innovations from farmers markets with other farmers markets.  Contribute videos or articles or pictures.  We want working, practical innovations . . . not planned, in-the-future ideas.)

Is that you?    You may have to search for these things, ask around.  We are looking for innovations of all types but very much want those that help farmers make more money, or save money, and/or make markets better for customers and farmers, and help us all be greener.

Thriving Markets is meant to provoke positive catalysis in farmers markets.