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Sources, Resources, and Links

Useful organizations, websites, directories, publications for getting more and better information.

Oregon State University

— Good research, useful tactics, and lot of good information for farmers markets, mostly for those in Oregon but useful tools for market anywhere —

Project for Public Spaces

—–  a smart, helpful, and international group . . . working for many years all over the world.  Their website and every-two-years-or-so International Public Markets conference are useful and inspiring.  Some of their publications and information are free, some is not.  All is useful.  They can also fly in and help at one or more levels of getting public spaces to work, and to involve all the key players (even the public, god forbid!) in creating amazing public spaces.  Not specifically for farmers markets, though they do work with various sorts of markets.  I have spoken at their international conferences and consulting with them on a couple of projects.    

Take a look at things like —    — great stuff

Farmers Market Coalition

—– a well-intentioned and  helpful group with hundreds of educational videos, (some of them quite good), a lot of resources from all over the map, and a useful (and free) listserv where you can get feedback from other farmers market managers.

Here they are:

and here’s the listserv sign up page

Thriving Markets Website

where you are right now — a new, free website with a growing collection of information for markets, managers, and farmers involved in farmers markets,


State Farmers Market Associations and Conferences

Most states now have some sort of group that helps bring farmers markets good  information — some focused on farmers, some managers, some both.  Often they have a conference that can be useful . . . most seem oriented to newcomers — new farmers market manager, new-to-direct-marketing farmers.

The Washington State Farmers Market Association is well-run, peopled by helpful and sharing folks, and happens at a different city each year (somewhere in Washington state).  I have had the privilege to speak at two of their conferences, and have known some of the people involved for many years.

The California Farm Conference is focused on small and family farm issues, and farmers markets.  It moves around the state each year and has many workshops, some of them good, particularly for new farmers or newer market managers or farmers market supporters or government staff.  This conference has been going on in one form or another for decades and I spoke at the conference in years past, and led (some years) the conference organizing committee.


Farmers Market Channel

This is a growing resource of videos from all around, that help farmers, market managers, and farmers markets to change the world, make and/or save more money, and matter more.  Farmers Market Channel


Farmers Market Umbrella

— is an interesting and helpful group that run the New Orleans, Louisiana Farmers Market (s) and they have some useful videos and ideas and advice on their website —  Market Umbrella

Good Farmers Market Displays

For a bit of inspiration, check out this free Thriving Markets PINTEREST site that collects displays of produce by farmers and others, and signs, tables, and other farmers market equipment that may give you an idea or two from around the world —- Good Farmers Market Displays

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