Shortcuts and Strategies

Farmers  Stretch/Bungee Cords are useful for lots to things at market . . . hang a roll of bags from your canopy, hold down a flapping tent wall, hold down your recipes . . . bring a few along and you will find a use.  Though often used, think twice about using stretch cords for attaching weights to your tent — if they snap loose they are dangerous, and that much flexibility is too much in a strong wind. 

Cashboxes  One simple way to secure your cashbox is to drill a hole in the bottom of the cashbox AND in the table it sits on, and simply put a wind nut/thumbscrew though that hole to connect them together.  That way no one can run off with your cashbox.

Farmers Markets   If you use tokens for EBT or as other sorts of Farmers Market Dollars, and you have them made as 1-1/2 inch round tokens they will fit many poker chip holders.


We are finding, collecting, and sharing the little tricks and tips and hacks that farmers and managers use to make something easier, more fun, faster, simpler. Have a suggestion?

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