Farmers Market Channel

Collecting a growing number of videos, we intend to bring you useful and fun information for farmers, market managers, and market supporters AND others involved in farmers markets . . . all in one place.

You will find this all on the farmers market channel on youtube and we are just  beginning — we also have what youtube calls a playlist of videos that we believe are useful or entertaining from other youtube sites . . . we intend to add more as we find them (or you recommend them).

We are slowly adding more videos — (no they won’t all be red-faced, yellow-suspendered Mark.)

This video is part of a presentation at the Washington State Farmers Market Association’s Annual Conference (from 2015).  A promotion slice from a workshop on “How to Promote Your Farmers Market”.

This conference is well-organized, attended by helpful and welcoming people, and worth the trip if you want, as a farmer or market person,  more information about farmers markets in Washington or in general.  More information on the Sources & Resources (and Links) page.





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