Profitable Farmers Market Displays

Basics of Good Displays

Farmers, makers, and marketers at farmers markets can easily increase their income by taking the time to create an attractive display, having informative signs, and being a pleasant personality at the market.

Here are some guidelines for attractive displays —

1 — Create a Display that Attracts People — Use photos, articles, maps, tools, examples, colors, textures

2 — Don’t Sit Down, Don’t Read, Don’t Talk on the Phone  —  Customers won’t want to bother you (isn’t that how you’d act in a store?)

3 — Have One Sign Explaining What You Are Doing (at least one) — why you grow or make, where you do it, how long, what’s special about your operation/farm

For a bit of inspiration, check out this free Thriving Markets PINTEREST site that collects displays of produce by farmers and others, signs, tables, and other farmers market equipment that will give you an idea or two from around the world —- Good Farmers Market Displays


jam aisle sign

Jam at farmers market in Washington state


Aisle Signs – – Individual Signage at Farmers Markets

Do you have a sign that can be placed outside your booth?
Does the farmers market allow these signs? I have never seen a booth that had too many signs. Never. Never in three decades. In fact, often (though not always) the booths with the most signs . . . signs on individual items, signs hanging from the table, hanging off the canopy, the vehicle, informative or humorous clothing . . . all seem to add sales to most farmers and makers booths.

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